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1st Generation FAST pins tester Industrial_Temperature_Testing_Thermostream_XYLinxFPGA160pin_QFP  
Previous generation 100/200 MHz, 256 Pin bipolar model number LMA750. At-Spex cofounders Tim Michels (Second from left) and Danny Oneill Production Testing at Industrial/Military Temperatures w/ a Thermonics Thermostream of a 160 pin QFP Xilinx FPGA  
165 pin 1mm pitch BGA QDR
.8 mm pitch DDR2 DUT Card
165 pin, 1mm pitch BGA Quad Date Rate Syncronous SRAM DUT Card .8 mm pitch, 90 pin DDR2 DUT Card featuring 3 mil trace width, 3 mil spacing  
3 in X5 in Pentium
SBC Motherboard with embedded Pentium Mobile ETX Form factor    


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