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   our 768 I/O Pins, 250MHz Vector Rate Production-worthy IC ATE System

LMO500 FPGA/CPLD Test System

Patent Pending Dual Pin Architechture: 768 'FAST PINS' integrated with our proven 384 I/O Precision AC/DC Pins


At-Spex LMO designs, manufactures, sells and supports IC automated test equipment
(ATE) aimed at the midrange of the high performance market.

Test Development Applications Packages AppsPaks™ include FPGA's, Flash, DDR's, Ethernet MAC/PHY and ADC's.

Our new 4th generation VLSI Production IC Test System provides up to 250/500 MHz Digital Vector Rate -768 Tester Channels -100Meg Vector Pattern Depth at an unprecedented price.
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Fast gooey User Interface, Project Tab
Fast Gooey User Interface Configuration Screen



New Applications Note February 2013: 1020 pin SoC Step-By-Step Test Development and Debug

Pin Electronics Gate Array PEC (Pin Electronics Card) top
  FAST PEG PEC bottom   FAST PEG PEC Stack-up   Data Eye preserved to 200MHz to the DUT
Please Zoom PDF to greater than 150% to observe 200MHz Vector Data Rate


FPGA 432 Pin BGA Test Program and DUT Card

Precision System Level Timing and Clock Distribution

Fast Pins II
Best in-class Vector
Rate and Pin Count

Dut Card Cmos
Fast Pins II 28 nm

High Res Image of DUT Card and test socket

Test Program Files

Seamless integration of 1 GHz bipolar timing generators/deskew with 500 MHz CMOS Digital Clock Management DCM's via differential signaling, multi-level I/O

1066 MHz Vector Memory Module VMM
28 nm enabling technology
384 250MHz I/O Pins
192 500MHz I/O Pins


400MHz Clocks

Actual 1000 Pin Altera SoC Example

400 megahertz clock Wave Form

Frequency: Programmable from 125 KHz to 400MHz in 125 KHz steps.
Pulse Train:    Programmable from 1 to 2**32 (4 billion) pulses per trigger.
Pulse Width:    Square wave mode, or programmable 2 ns to 12 ns with 50ps resolution
Drive Levels:   Programmable -2 V to + 6 V
Slew Rate:       Programmable 1 V to 2.5 V per ns.
Modes:            Burst, Infinite (Continuous).

Shown here is the classic 0 to 3 V, 5-4-3-2-1Blast-off of min pulse width (overplayed). Note the 1ns minimum pulse width only makes it to 1.5V.

1000+ Pin
Dual-Clock Domain Example
At-Speed AC Functional Waveforms Simulated vs. Data sheet Timing Diagram with
Test Bench State Machine Bubble Diagrams

test system in crate
Up to 768 Pins and 267 MHz Vector Rate At-Spex is the only portable performance bench top, 17 inches cubed and approximately 100 pounds- custom shipping crate bottom half shown FAST PINS Plug-on Test Head which consists of 4 PEG Cards (Pin Electronics Gate Array)- 1 of 4 shown in upper left quadrant. Each PEG is 192 tester channels. The PEG's in turn plug into the SBC Motherboard which has a Pentium Mobile SBC, HAPS (High Amperage User Programmable Power Supplies)
18 megapixel 1020 pin dut card  
VPU DUT Card Ring
WinChar Windows Characterization GUI FPGA test development and temperature test methodology
It's a Shmoo Plot Top PCB
SHMOO Plot Top PCB 3D Print
Bottom PCB  
Bottom PCB 3D Print  
1020 Pin DUT Card Top 1020 Pin DUT Card Bottom
1020 Pin DUT Card Top 1020 Pin DUT Card Bottom


400 MHZ CLKGEN   400 MHz Edge 693 CLK Driver   Universal DIP DUT Card    


The LMO 500 provides production IEEE 1149.1 JTAG programming, testing and engineering characterization for digital and mixed signal semiconductor devices.

In addition to the FAST and Precision Pins, also provides test program control of auxiliary test head connections. These can include IEEE-488/GPIB instrumentation, VXI modules, even in-house hardware designs. Auxiliaries are seamlessly incorporated into the system by TCOMM and function as an integral part of the tester, allowing the system to efficiently and accurately address mixed signal devices and systems. Mixed Signal Applications Test Plan for RDC


One of our recent applications development efforts (Q1/09) is integrating TI's world-class ADC Dynamic Measurement module

ti_ads5433_160_Megasamples Dynamic ADC Test Set Test Stuff
Coherent Sampling Up to 500 MegaSamples/sec

1.118 MHz sine 800 mV PP,
25.000 MHz sampling clk

Image 9   Danny and Rich with fast pins test head
DUT Card (Green) co-axial interface to the embedded TI ADC Dynamic
Measurement Hardware
  FAST PINS plug-in Test Head


Transceiver Test Vector Developement_Rev Application Notes DOC / PDF

User Interface

The test system controller is a low cost, high performance personal computer.  Test program development, translation and debug as well as production test control functions are provided in a Windows application -- TCOMM.

APT500, our automated test program generator, translates design files for CPLD's, FPGAs and ASICs into complete production test programs for the At-Spex 768.  Even our nontechnical users regularly generate complete functional and full data sheet parametric test programs, automatically and reliably with this turnkey package of mature artificial intelligence.



The AtSpex 768-200 FAST PINS module architecture adds unprecedented small system capability in the following areas: At-Speed AC Functional Test Rate across all channels, Vector Depth, increased Pin Count, Hi Current User Power Supplies for fmax testing as well as preserving the original features of the acclaimed LMO500’s AC/DC Precision Pins

  • Deep.  Up to 128M vector pattern depth
  • Wide.  768 tester channels
  • Hi-Current User Supplies necessary for fmax AC functional
    • Four (4) Programmable DUT DPS w/ Programmable Current Limiting: 10A capability 0-5V
  • Reconfigurable.  User-selectable ASIC I/O pin levels: all 3.3V, 2.5V, 1.8V, 1.5V 1.2V single-ended and differential standards 
  • Integrates the LMO500’s Standard 384 Precision AC/DC Pins w/ FAST’s 768 channels delivered thru 1:2 transparent ASM (Analog Switch Module)
  • AC parametrics: 10 ps resolution, 100 ps Driver/Comparator edge placement accuracy; DC parametrics: 12 bit resolution, 1/4LBS max linearity error- calibrated to NIST-traceable 5 ½ digit DVM;
  • Hi-throughput: Mainframe-competitive AC and DC parametric  test times ex. 100 pin DUT w/ 25,000 vectors containing 4,000 transitions- 4 sec total to measure and datalog to a file.  Time search algorithm averages 11 iterations to acquire an edge to 10 ps res
  • User tools: IEEE 1149 JTAG SCAN Programming Module, MS Windows user interface, Windows WinCHARacterization per-pin digitizing scope, per-pin Curve tracer; Self-test auto-verifies and datalogs all channels for functional Drive/Compare and AC/DC source and measure
  • And of course, small. - not only the world’s only known 250MHz benchtop IC tester.  Approx 600W at 120V, auto-cooling fans to 37 degrees C 
  • Microprogrammable FPGA-based tester hardware now includes the vector processor unit (VPU), pin formatters, error logic and pipelines and DUT I/O.  ATSpex IP includes Ethernet PCI DMA Controller; 1066 MHz 1GB DDR3 DIMM Vector Memory Controller; 250 MHz Test Controller Gate Array PEG
    • Quick.  Deep Vector Loads accomplished w/ Broadband to the Test Head.  100,000 vectors across 200 signal pins loads in under ½ sec; Ethernet DMA PCI Controller streams at 100Mb/sec
    • Cool Only known mainframe-comparable, performance benchtop IC tester.  Approx 15 inches cubed and 600W at 120V, auto-cooling fans to 37 degrees C.  Previous 200MHz CMOS architectures were 4 square meters and 16,000 W.  FAST PCB is 17” x14”, 23 layer Test Head
    • Like a space satellite whose entire mission needs to be changed in mid-flight, the Pin Electronics Gate Array is reconfigurable via the test program loading a new image file ex’s. testing all the ASIC I/O standards a device is capable of,
    • Modern enabling technologies: 28 nm 1156 pin, Stacked Silicon Interconnect SSI flip-chip fBGA FPGA’s w/ state of the art clock management DCMtm/DLL’s; Embedded PCI Express SBC.

tm trademark of Xilinx

This document describes the design architecture performance specifications of the Model 768-200, and is subject to change without notice.

To be sure that you have the most recent revision of this specification, please contact AtSpex LMO Sales at (509) 939-7916